Soby devotionals

November 1, 2012
When I hear your voice
By Anne Lenihan Bremer

I’m on the board of directors of a unique ministry in Ft. Calhoun, NE. Anyone who knows me knows how very blessed I am to have met John and Joy Soby and to be a part in their wonderful ministry at Soby Ranch as well as the privilege of counting them among my dear friends. Soby Ranch is a place where God’s presence is felt, daily. And He uses a bunch of rescued farm animals, dogs, cats and people to do it. He taught me a very profound message just a few short weeks ago which I decided to share with you.

There are many animals at the ranch and I hope I get the chance to tell you all about each of them as time goes on but today I’d like to talk about just one. His name is Doc. If you’ve been to the ranch you know him. If not let me introduce him to you. Doc is an east coaster like me. He used to pull a carriage in Central Park, NY. I’m a Jersey girl. Doc is a Percheron horse, a big white draft horse. I had never dealt much with horses before Soby so I must admit I was a bit scared of them. I felt much more at ease with the dogs and chickens. But Doc had a way about him that pulled me in. Who would have thought that this girl’s horse fantasy would be fulfilled by the biggest horse on the ranch?

It was love at first sight! When Doc reached down and wrapped his giant size head around my neck…well let’s just say I was hooked. So now it has become my thing to go out every week and bring Doc treats. (Just so you don’t think I’m mean, I do bring treats for everyone. It’s just that I specifically go to feed Doc. I let Joy give the other animals treats). Anyway, Doc has gotten to the point that he knows the sound of my voice. As soon as I get out of the car and yell “hello” to Joy I can hear his trademark foot stomp and huff of air and I know he is waiting for me in the barn, by the door, awaiting his apples. He gets so excited he moves everyone out of his way so he has total and complete access to me for himself.

So a few weeks ago I go out to the barn and Doc greats me waiting for his apples and it hits me: this is how I should be when I hear the voice of my Lord! He desires to spend time with me and brings me all sorts of good things to eat. Do I rush to the sound of His voice? Do I drop everything to be in His presence? Do I push my way to the front of the line expecting His love and returning that love to Him? I have to admit that more often than I’d like the answer is “no”. So now what? I think I’ll start taking a lesson from Doc. When my beloved calls my name, I’ll be waiting. Thanks God…and thanks Doc.

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