Soby devotionals

November 20, 2012
The Gift of Thanksgiving
By Anne Lenihan Bremer

Tonight I sit reflecting on another year. You see, today I am another year older. The verdict is still out as to whether I am another year wiser. This is one of those years when Thanksgiving falls within a mere two days of my birthday. Yesterday I went shopping for the stuff for my family’s Thanksgiving feast. Tomorrow I get the house cleaned and ready and then it will be here. My children will come spend the day with their father and me. But I have to pause. In all the hustle and bustle of the season, which really runs from Thursday till just after the close of 2012, do I stop and truly give thanks for the gifts I’ve been given?

I mean, I have a nice house. It’s not fancy or very big, but it’s almost mine. (The bank still technically owns it for seven more years). I have a vehicle that is economical and in good working order. I have plenty of food. I have electricity. You get the picture. I also have my health. It’s not perfect but you can manage diabetes if you are diligent. I have a wonderful husband, great kids, a fantastic church family, an abundance of good friends, and the most loving dogs and birds a person could ever count among their family.

What does this have to do with Soby? I will tell you. Like my personal dogs and birds, most of the animals at the Ranch are rescues, or rehomed animals. Some have been rehomed because of illness on a prior owners part. Some have come from neglectful situations. Some come with baggage. Others do not. My Great Dane came from Soby. I have been on the receiving end of the gift of many a rescued pet. The one trait they have all shared is thankfulness. It is as if a part of them realize they are very lucky to have a new chance at love, that they get a reprieve from a worser fate. And they live grateful lives. It’s not just because we offer treats. It’s because we offer love. And love in spades.

And so this Thanksgiving, let us be thankful for those who love us. And no one loves us as much as God Himself. In the words of John 3:16, “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life”. This is something to be grateful for. As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving and head into Advent season, let us be mindful that all of us are rescues too. Let us follow the example of the Soby animals and live our lives thankful for the second chance we’ve been given. May you have an enjoyable, Happy Thanksgiving!

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