25 Days of Christmas

December 21

25 Days of Christmas – Prophesy Fulfilled

The big day has arrived! The Jewish people had been waiting since before Abraham for the arrival of the Messiah. They had heard the stories of the fall of man. By now the memory of life walking with God in the Garden is only a story they have heard. Could it have been real? No one had seen God since Adam and Eve left the Garden. Even Moses only saw Him in a bush. They knew the promises. God would come. He would come as the Messiah and He would save His people. But it had been so long just a promise. They needed Him now. They were being persecuted, badly, and needed their Savior.

God had His own plan and His own timing. His plan was so much more than the Jewish people could imagine. He came into their world, stepping down from heaven, into a human form, to be with us, like us, to redeem us. He came as a baby. To a young mother. To be born in a manger surrounded by shepherds. These circumstances hardly sound like the birth of a king. Yet, into this comes the King of Kings.

Mary willingly accepted the challenge of bearing and raising this son of God. Childbirth alone would be tough and dangerous for a young girl in that time but giving birth alone, away from her parents would be doubly hard. When my first child was born I was far from home. I didn’t have my parents or siblings around, only my husband. One night close to my term, while at the laundromat washing dirty clothes, my water broke. I started to feel labor pains. I quickly finished the laundry, brought them home to put away, and had Tim drive me to the military hospital to deliver my son. It was a long and hard labor, nearly 23 hours but I was fortunate to have a hospital staff and an epidural to help with the pain. It was after I recovered that I felt all alone. How do I feed this child? He’s not taking the breast, what do I do? He was so small (at least to me). I felt awkward bathing him. And three days after delivery I was sent home.

Jesus’ mom didn’t have a hospital staff. She didn’t have medicines or even a bed. She delivered her first child in a stable. Heck, she had to use a manger to place the baby Jesus in to sleep as their was no crib or bassinet. And on top of all this, she had visitors shortly after His birth. Strangers no less! I wonder if she even had time to wash up. Or hold her child. Or feed him before the strangers arrived. No matter. She accepted the shepherds words that the angel sent them to see God’s son. What amazing confirmation of who it was that slept in her arms. This is real! The Messiah has come and He is her little boy! What a tremendous responsibility. Would she do a good job? What will her life be like now? Isn’t He the cutest baby ever? Look how He wraps His finger around mine! How adorable His smile is? Joseph is going to be such a good dad.

What kinds of things floated through Mary’s mind? In Luke 2:19 it says that after the arrival and announcement from the shepherds, “Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” She looked at her child and memorized His face, His smile, everything about Him. She knew her life would never be the same. This was real! I manual – God with us. Her son, the Messiah. The Savior of her people. Here, in the flesh. The prophecy has been fulfilled!

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