25 Days of Christmas

December 6

25 Days of Christmas – Wrong Place, Wrong Time – Bathsheba

I don’t know about you who are reading this but I have gotten myself in some trouble over the years. I’ve never done anything really bad in the eyes of the world, but I’ve done enough things that were against God’s laws. Most of the time it’s because I’ve been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Temptation is out there. If your eyes are open you will see it every day. But God provides ways out if we will watch for them and act.

King David fell into the sin trap because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. His army was at war and as their leader he should have been with them. However, David decided to stay back at the castle. Late at night he wandered outdoors. I can’t say if it was boredom or not but many times boredom leads us into trouble. While hanging out at his high vantage point he noticed a young woman bathing. No where in the bible does it specify whether or not Bathsheba was ” flaunting” herself or not but the common understanding was that she was not being promiscuous. She was bathing as the law required of her after just ending her menses. But whatever the reason, she caught David’s eye enough for him to send people to find out who she was. He wanted her.

David receives word that she is married to one of his loyal soldiers, Uriah the Hittite.
But this is really of no consequence as he has to have her. Bathsheba is sent for and they spend the night together. She probably did not have much to say in the matter. After he sent her home, David thought it would be over with but weeks later Bathsheba sent word that she was carrying his child. Now what? What David did was a sin. So he decides to cover it up. He calls her husband home and tries to get him to sleep with his wife and then claim the baby is his. It doesn’t go down the way David envisions and David eventually has Uriah killed. Then he takes Bathsheba as his wife (one of several). But while David covered up his sin, God still knew of it. David is confronted by Nathan the prophet and the baby dies. (See 2 Samuel 11 and12)

The bible doesn’t tell us how Bathsheba deals with the loss of the child. It only gives us David’s side of the story. But I can guess at her emotional state. I too lost a son when he was only eight weeks old. While my husband and I did not have a relationship patterned after David and Bathsheba’s, I went over every sin I committed when I lost my child. I knew that I was paying consequences for sin. God gave me comfort and let me know it wasn’t the result of my actions per se but a consequence of living in a fallen world. And once there, He started the healing process. Like David and Bathsheba, I found comfort in my husband and a year later was blessed with another child. In David’s case it was a boy named Solomon who would rule after David died. In my case it was twin girls who have taught me so very much.

So why is Bathsheba in the genealogy of Jesus? Theologians may have various viewpoints on this and most are probably going to give deeper answers than I will. To me she is listed to show us that though we sin, though we sometimes have to pay consequences for those sins, God offers restoration. If we “fess up” and admit our wrongdoings, He not only forgives us but He restores us. We are made clean and whole again. No matter what we did. I’ve been writing these blogs leading up to the promise of Christmas. Maybe Bathsheba looks forward to the promise of Easter. If there is any point to take with you today it is this: you are never too far away from God that He can not rescue you and make you His own. Till tomorrow…

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