New Life

The day before Easter brought new life into my household. A little one year old Japanese Chin came into my life. Jackie is the son of my nine year old chin. We adopted momma Cleo about a year ago. She had come into rescue pregnant. After giving birth to four puppies, which were all adopted, she was spayed and waiting for her own adoption. Cleo and I found each other after almost a year of being in rescue. And even though I wanted a black and white male, and she was a red and white female, it was love at first sight! And now, a little over a year later, Jackie is returned to the rescue.

I wasn’t looking for him. I actually called the rescue looking for a Shih tzu for my kids. But my rescue contact knew I had wanted a black and white male when I called about Cleo initially, and that was Jackie, so she sent me his picture. I was instantly hooked and needed him to come be mine. So he did. (The kids got their Shih tzu too, in case you’re interested).

Jackie is a wonderful, loving PUPPY! It has been years since I have had a puppy. I’ve been involved in dog rescue for years but I never took in puppies. The youngest I’ve had in recent years was three and that was pushing it. Usually I take in middle aged or senior dogs. Now comes a lovable little dog that I adore, but he’s still such a baby. He chews stuff. Thankfully he prefers to chew my plastic water bottles and not shoes or useful things. He wants attention. He loves to play. And he has this unbridled enthusiasm for life. He is so full of energy and love and life!

Shortly after Jackie’s arrival at my home there was another new arrival in my life. Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I lost my beloved friend Doc, a Percheron horse who resided at Soby Ranch, my second home. Doc’s death was crushing. Jackie helped me through it by his unconditional love. But he hasn’t done it alone. A few weeks after Doc’s passing, a new resident moved into Soby Ranch, a young, male draft horse named JAG. He’s part Percheron, part Belgium, I think, and only six months old. He has already stolen my heart.

And not to lump him in with the animals, but due to schedules aligning just right and the time of year and all, I’ve recently gotten to spend more time than usual with my adopted two year old grandson, Daniel. This boy knows no fear. He climbs anything and everything. He runs full speed and crashes full speed. He’s either on his scooter, or his bike, or running. Always on the move. Living life to the fullest.

Last Sunday was Pentecost Sunday. It’s a day in the church where we celebrate the day that Jesus’ followers were waiting in a room and the Holy Spirit showed up in a powerful way. Jesus had been crucified and rose from the dead. It was now about 40 days later. The apostles were together in the room waiting as they were instructed to do. Then it happened. As they waited and prayed, the Holy Spirit showed up. Tongues of fire appeared over their heads and they began to speak in other languages. They left the room, overflowing with life, and told everyone what had happened. 3000 people came to faith in Christ that day and The Lord added to that number daily. You can read all about it in Acts, chapter 2.

So what does Pentecost have to do with Jackie, JAG, and Daniel? I’ll tell you how I see the connection. These youngsters know how to embrace and enjoy life. They attack it without fear. They see joy in each moment. They ooze life! This is how we should be, but too often adults get bogged down with the daily grind that we don’t truly live. We give up the “moment” in exchange for the total sum of our days. The early church embraced the “moment”. It’s time for us to do the same. Let’s learn from Jackie, JAG, and Daniel and LIVE! Let’s bring life to those around us! Embrace the Moment!

3 thoughts on “New Life

  1. Great job, Anne, It really helped me, lately I’ been thinking allot Jay. Reading your post will help me. Thank you

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